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Filleting flathead

Filleting flathead is one of those things most newcomers find a little difficult. And let’s face it, they are pretty weird looking fish. But they taste great, are reasonably abundant along the east coast and there are ways to make the most of your catch. The following is how I was taught to clean flatties by an ex-commercial fisher when I lived in Victoria. It’s quick, easy and maximises the fillet yield. And these are all important because you don’t want to be wasting fish. So if you’re keen on getting some boneless, tasty flathead fillets on your plate, check this method out and give it a go if you’re struggling with filleting flathead. You can check out a short video we made of this process via a link on our Facebook page – search for Fishing Monthly Magazines. Read more
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Isome – Japanese for sandworm

Any serious lure fisher in Australia would be familiar with the Ecogear brand of hardbodied and soft plastic lures. Although very popular in Australia, Ecogear is a small branch of the international powder-bait producing giant, Marukyu. This old Japanese company based north of Tokyo is a major player in coarse and other manufactured baits around the world. Read more