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Spotlight: Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a tropical holiday destination between Townsville and Cairns that is known for its world-heritage rainforests, idyllic beaches, island getaways, adventure activities and amazing fishing. Mission Beach, with its resident population of about 4,000, is 165km south of Cairns and 235km north of Townsville. Its four villages – Bingil Bay, Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach and South Mission Beach – are linked by 14km of palm-fringed beaches. The tourist destination enjoys a warm tropical climate with temperatures up around 26ºC in the Australian winter (the dry season of May to October) and 30ºC in the wet season (November to April). Read more

Spotlight: Eildon

Eildon is one of Australia’s most diverse, productive and popular waterways. It is also a massive piece of water that can be very daunting for anglers.


In the 1860s the town of Darlingford was founded (so named after the Governor Sir Charles Darling). It was close to the junction of the Goulburn and Big rivers, and people came from around the globe after gold was discovered. Darlingford had a small school, log gaol (jail), seven pubs, five police officers, shops and a post office. With the construction of Sugarloaf Reservoir, Darlingford itself was flooded and a new town began to grow; now known as Eildon. Read more