Any serious lure fisher in Australia would be familiar with the Ecogear brand of hardbodied and soft plastic lures. Although very popular in Australia, Ecogear is a small branch of the international powder-bait producing giant, Marukyu. This old Japanese company based north of Tokyo is a major player in coarse and other manufactured baits around the world. QFMApr13 74-93.inddAlso, readers of Fishing Monthly would be familiar with the Marukyu logo – mainly through the placement of them throughout the magazine for the popular Find the Marukyu Boy competitions. So, we thought it was time to give you the scoop on what Marukyu’s Isome baits are and how to use them. After all, we’ve given out plenty of them as prizes and you’ll start seeing them more and more in your local tackle stores. Firstly, Isome is Japanese for sandworm, and if you’ve had a look at the Marukyu Isomes you’ll notice that they are a pretty good replica of a worm. These are artificial baits that are made of 100% land-sourced materials. They’re not reconstituted from anything harvested from the ocean, and Marukyu’s pretty big on that sustainability side of it. Secondly, the baits smell like blueberries. Seriously. They’ve been designed to be pleasant to handle – especially for kids who may be deterred by the smell of natural baits. Thirdly, these baits last for a long time. You can keep them on board month after month and when you open the packet, the Isome worms will be ready to use. Also, the colours won’t bleed if you mix up different coloured worms.