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Burrum Heads: Diversity and beauty all in one

Burrum Heads, found on the shores of Hervey Bay and the Burrum River, is a thriving town that is endowed with spectacular natural beauty, amazing fishing opportunities and a range of amenities, accommodation options and recreational pursuits to suit just about any level of desire. Read more
Fighting whiting

Spotlight: Jacobs Well

Jacobs Well is a fishing hub that is ideally placed to take advantage of the magnificent Gold Coast waterways and the Jumpinpin area.

Found at the northern end of the Gold Coast, Jacobs Well is a small town on Moreton Bay opposite Kangaroo Island, 48km south-east of Brisbane. The origin of the name is obscure, possibly from the Biblical Jacob or the son of a pioneer, Johann Gross, who settled in the Pimpama district. Jacobs Well is predominately a sugar-growing area and the surrounding area is virtually all set aside for sugar cane. Read more

Mackay (2010)

Author: Katie Day

When I was growing up whenever anyone asked my dad how things were at home in Mackay he always had the same response: “You know mate, it's just another perfect day in paradise.” And as far as I was concerned it was paradise. Weekends were spent swimming at one of the numerous beaches, exploring the bushland that made up some of the ten acres where we lived, long drives up the Pioneer Valley into the rainforest and countless adventures that are only possible when you see the world through the wonder of a child's eyes. Read more

Flathead Classic (2012)

The Gold Coast 2012 Flathead Classic is a great event and is on from October 3-6.

Whether you are a tournament regular or a first timer this iconic tournament, now in its 19th year should be on your calendar next year. It is so much more than a fishing comp with a great event wrapped around excellent fishing. The Gold Coast is renowned for its big flathead and there is no better time to go crocodile hunting than this time of year. The format is over 2 1/2 days and is an eco-friendly catch and release comp, so no live wells are needed. What you do need though is a digital camera to capture your catches against the tournament ruler, which is provided at the briefing. Please note it is a lure and fly comp so sorry, there is no bait allowed. Read more

Having it both ways at Hinchinbrook (2007)


With its myriad freshwater creeks, tidal, mangrove lined rivers, rocky headlands and abundant offshore reef complexes, who wouldn’t love the place? There are not too many anglers who haven’t been to Hinchinbrook or who don’t dream of going there. For many years, this area has been especially captivating for anglers. Hinchinbrook is rich in natural wonders and the fishing can be exceptional. From the pure freshwater reaches of the rivers where jungle perch and sooty grunter are found, to the maze of mangrove creeks where barra, jacks and trevally are lurking, all the way out to the reef where coral trout, giant trevally, nannygai and mackerel live, Hinchinbrook is an angler’s paradise. Just about everyone who has visited Hinchinbrook and fishes comes away with a special memory or two and it is this fact alone that makes Hinchinbrook such a must visit location. It is a memory maker for anglers. Read more