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Shoalhaven – Spirit of the South Coast (2012)

Author: Greg Reid

For some the South Coast is often thought of as south of Sydney and Wollongong, but the real South Coast, in particular the Shoalhaven area, begins as you round the Kiama bends and pull over to take in the view from the carpark overlooking Gerringong and Werri Beach. This is where the mountains meet the sea and the start of your journey into a mixture of rural villages with community spirit bounded by a culture that loves the beach and the bush. Read more

Having it both ways at Hinchinbrook (2007)


With its myriad freshwater creeks, tidal, mangrove lined rivers, rocky headlands and abundant offshore reef complexes, who wouldn’t love the place? There are not too many anglers who haven’t been to Hinchinbrook or who don’t dream of going there. For many years, this area has been especially captivating for anglers. Hinchinbrook is rich in natural wonders and the fishing can be exceptional. From the pure freshwater reaches of the rivers where jungle perch and sooty grunter are found, to the maze of mangrove creeks where barra, jacks and trevally are lurking, all the way out to the reef where coral trout, giant trevally, nannygai and mackerel live, Hinchinbrook is an angler’s paradise. Just about everyone who has visited Hinchinbrook and fishes comes away with a special memory or two and it is this fact alone that makes Hinchinbrook such a must visit location. It is a memory maker for anglers. Read more