What to do

Luckily Mission Beach is surrounded by fishy options. Less than an hour in any direction will see you having the chance to tangle with the secretive and elusive jungle perch, the icon of the north, the barramundi or chasing down a billfish or mackerel offshore. It really is an angler’s paradise.   It is the bluewater, reef and barra fishing that really attracts anglers to Mission Beach. In a day you could literally chase barra and jacks in the rivers, head offshore for a spot of mackerel trolling and then head a little wider still for some of the country’s best reef fishing. Mission Beach is the access hub for all of this activity and with town facilities that have everything an angler and boater could require, it makes sense that Mission Beach should be squarely in the viewfinder for those travelling north.missionbeachmap_0 But it’s not all fishing. Being a major tourism area, Mission Beach has hundreds of other activities. From the fast pace of skydiving with a beach landing to simply sitting and watching the sunrise over Dunk Island, Mission Beach has it all. Nature-based tourism is at the heart of the area, with the famous Mission Beach Tropical Fruit Safari through to whale watching in season, there is something for everyone. Need to cool off? No worries as you can visit the freshwater reaches of the beautiful rainforest streams and take a refreshing dip safe in the knowledge that they are crocodile-free. Want more action? Take on the challenge of white water rafting in the Tully River. Want to be on the water? Grab a hire boat, take a charter or simply bring your own. The list of activities is as long as you want it to be and some activities you may or may not decide to participate in are sea kayaking, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling, hiking, croc spotting or sailing: It’s all there for you.

Where to stay

There are accommodation options to cater to all levels in and around Mission Beach. missionbeach_1 If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle you can check into one of the low key Council run parks and plant yourself in front of a million dollar view for less than $20 a night. At the other end of the scale you can also access full resort-style accommodation at affordable prices – again with a million dollar view. There are bed and breakfasts, caravan parks, en-suite cabins, hotels and motels, self-contained units and holiday houses aplenty. If you’re young and ready for fun, there is a place for you to stay. If you’re older and wiser, there’s a place for you to stay. If you’ve got the family in tow, there are places to stay in abundance. Mission Beach really is set up to cater to the holiday-maker, whatever holiday they want to experience.