The north east of Eildon covers from Champagne Point, all of Goughs Bay, the Howqua Inlet and the Goulburn Arm. eildonspotlight_2 This neck of the woods is the most under-fished section of the lake. The Big River Arm can often be packed with boats yet this end of the lake will be empty. The trout fishing in the upper Goulburn area is fantastic and very peaceful to boot. It also holds good numbers of golden perch and cod. There are plenty of redfin here as well. The Howqua is a great location with plenty of trout and reddies. It sees a little more traffic than the Goulburn, but holds up very well all year round. Goughs Bay is one of the best redfin spots of all on the lake. The fish love schooling up in big numbers and are quite easy to find. From Calder Cove to the entrance to the Goulburn Arm is also a good spot for natives and once again doesn't get over fished.


With several stockings by fisheries recently, including 100+ big brood stock, things are looking good for spring in the Pondage. The Pondage fishes best with a consistent water level, but that doesn’t often happen. If it does we should see some consistent catches being taken. Bait fishing is best for these big brood fish; worms and Powerbait are the preferred baits to get into some big fish action in the Pondage.


The Goulburn, Acheron and Rubicon rivers have all had a great winter rest with plenty of rain to freshen them up. Consistency in river flows is important for good fishing so it is hoped flow from the Pondage allows the fish settle. The best bet is to find back-eddies and casting lightly-weighted plastics and very shallow running hardbodied lures where the flow meet the still. Flyfishers will do well to fish the seams with deep nymphs or swinging big Woolly Buggers across the current.


Eildon, the lake, the Pondage and the rivers above and below the lake provide exceptional fishing for a diverse range of fish. At any time of the year Eildon will provide a fishing option. Whether your tastes go to trout on fly or trout on bait, whether you love chasing golden perch and cod, whether you want to fish from a boat or from the shore, or even if you just love catching a feed of redfin, Eildon delivers. There are few places in Australia where all of this fishing action comes together in one place. Add in an incredible service industry around the fishing, a massive number of non-fishing activities and some of the most spectacular river, lake and mountain areas you will find, and it’s easy to see that the Eildon area must be on your hit list.