The south west runs south of Point Shaw including Woolshed, Italian Bay, Frasers and Taylor Bay right up to the dam wall. eildonspotlight_4 This area is one of my favourites with an abundance of places and species in good numbers. The wall at Point Shaw has been a great place for many anglers over the years but fishes better when the lake is at 30-50%. It is also a great place to troll a Tassie Devil around 100m off the wall at dusk. Some massive trout gather here. I caught my personal best trout here, a 3.2kg rainbow. This area fishes well in all the bays, such as Italian Bay, Woolshed and Coller Bay. Bolte Bay and Taylor Bay are all top redfin hotspots. The redfin are usually found in 12-15m of water, but use your sounder to pin point where they are. Simply jig soft plastics or scrubworms at the base of trees and you should do ok. When searching for reddies place your boat on a point and follow the point out into deeper water. Use your sounder to locate structure and schooling fish. Some of my most productive spot are 50-60m off a point where there is timber coming out of the water. There are plenty of natives around here, so I always search hard for rocky patches near drop offs. These areas tend to hold warmer water temperatures and attract the fish. The Pines all the way along to McDonald Island is also very productive, particularly for trout and golden perch. Trolling along this section with lures that dive between 2-4m and Tassie Devils in the dual depth model set to the deep setting is a great option. Once again any of these points and trees can hold schooling redfin so if you find a school keep them active by always making sure there is a lure in the water. This stretch is a go-to spot for cod in season with plenty of lay down timber structure.


The south east covers the area from the dam wall, the main arm to Jerusalem Creek and all the way to the Big River Arm. This area is the most popular and most heavily fished area on the lake. The dam wall, at certain times, is an awesome place to fish but you must pick your times because it does get hammered on weekends. If you want to specifically target this area, try to organise a mid-week trip to avoid the crowds. At times, the south east area holds massive schools of golden perch getting ready to spawn and slow fishing methods dominate catch-rates. Slow fished Jackall TN60s or TN50s do very well, as do Berkley T-Tails. On both sides of the arm between the dam wall and Jerusalem Creek, many fish of all species over a very long period of time have succumbed to anglers, especially Murray cod. With so much good structure and habitat, it always seems to consistently hold fish. Jerusalem Creek is a great spot and many anglers, while trolling, pick up good numbers of trout by flat lining Tassie Devils. Pink does the trick almost all year round and this area also holds quality schools of reddies. I caught a whopping 7kg golden perch here while trolling for trout, so be prepared for something different. The stretch from Jerusalem Creek to Point Knight is a quality trout trolling run on either side of the channel, just off the tree line. This is also a great redfin spot, especially in 12-15m of water. Big River is the most fished location of all on the lake. It prospers year after year. Some amazing trout in double figures come out of here every season and quite a few native fish are caught as well. There is plenty of water up there and plenty of places to camp; it's just an all around gem of a spot.