Follow the channel markers north approximately 5 minutes and you have Glasshouse Mountains Creek, better known as Glassy Creek. Here you will find mud flats that hold mud crabs, flathead, whiting, bream and grunter. Don’t forget the prawns when they run, this creek is one of the best, some locals won’t be happy that I told you that, but it’s true.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Look north east from here and you will see a very nice little white beach; this is Mission Point Camp Ground, this is situated on Bribie but it can can only be accessed by boat and the closest boat ramp is Donnybrook. It has a great western view towards the Glasshouse Mountains and is very protected and calm. This campground has a drop toilet but not much else, so you need to boat all your needs over including freshwater. On weekdays when it is quiet you can get wild brumbies roaming the campground but once the weekend arrives you may not be so lucky, as they are quite shy. The fishing and crabbing off this bank can be very good at times. Don’t be fooled by the nice white beach, this beach drops off into a deep coffee rock ledge home to the hardest fighter the Passage has to offer – the mighty mangrove jack. They have been taken land-based along this strip of hidden rock on multiple occasions. The crabbing around here can be good at times especially when there is a bit of fresh running. Head north from here towards Caloundra, you will find Hussy Creek, Coochin Creek and Bells Creek all on your left. These creeks mentioned are famous for whiting, jacks and mudcrabs. Your best bet if wanting to enter these areas is to grab yourself a copy of the ‘Beacon to Beacon ‘directory sold at most larger tackle stores. Now if you want to access the Passage via the towns of Toorbul or Donnybrook, you can do so by taking the very next exit after the Bribie Island exit, and then just follow the Donnybrook/Toorbul signs until you hit the water. All these camp grounds and areas I have mentioned hold good numbers of sand crabs most of the time. If you plan to camp at these areas you must take your rubbish home with you. Bribie Island has all your needs and more from Woolworths, petrol stations, bakeries, and doctors and more; although it’s quiet and peaceful I would nearly class it as a small city. The further you head north up the Passage the more remote it becomes. You can travel north via the passage all the way to Caloundra, following the channel markers all the way. But it’s a long stretch of remoteness until you get there.


I have only scratched the surface of what Pumicestone Passage has to offer. I have fished it for 23 years and still haven’t seen it all. I recommend you come and explore a not so little piece of paradise that I have nestled at my back door. I don’t plan on leaving any time soon and for very good reason – it is truly a piece of paradise. For camping permits and further information on camp locations call 131304 or go to