Hot SpotsPearl perch

There are a number of Hot Spots that can be accessed from Jacobs Well and the first is the jetty itself. From here anglers regularly catch bream, flathead and whiting in season. But over the last few seasons there have been regular catches of snapper, which have been a great and very pleasant surprise for the lucky anglers. During the months before Easter plenty of prawns are caught right off this jetty and the boat ramp at night when they are running. Keep an ear to the ground or drop into one of the tackle shops to find out when the prawns are running and you may not even have to take the boat! Further down the system is the Tipplers area. This area is home to some fantastic flathead fishing from July through to November. Trolling lures, drifting with baits or cast and retrieving lures all works well and the flathead can be excessively large. In fact the biggest flathead in the 2012 Flathead Classic, a beast of 96cm, was caught and released in the Tipplers area. Continuing toward the Jumpinpin bar from Tipplers you come across the Golden Banks. These banks are quite shallow and are loaded with summer whiting at the right time of year. That time of year just happens to be now so grab some worm, pump some yabbies and catch yourself one of the tastiest feeds going. From the Golden Bank we continue north to Crusoe Island. This is a Mecca for mega flathead in October and November up in the shallow water and keen lure fishers chase their dream fish here every year. Directly north of Crusoe Island is Kalinga Bank and this area yields fantastic whiting and bream along with some amazing flathead. You can even land the odd mangrove jack along Kalinga Bank – especially in the slightly deeper water.Mangrove jack East of Kalinga Bank is the Jumpinpin Bar, affectionately called the Pin Bar. Here roving schools of tailor swarm in to maraud the baitfish schools, mulloway hang in the deeper water waiting for their daily mullet feed and flathead congregate for their spawning. You can almost catch anything at the Pin Bar with freakish occurrences like mini black marlin, Spanish mackerel, large giant trevally and cobia all being taken here be anglers fishing baits and lures. Those in the know will also head offshore through the Pin Bar. This is not the easiest bar to navigate, however in the right conditions it is safe to cross if the skipper has undertaken all the due diligence. The waters offshore from Jacobs Well are loaded with snapper and pearl perch on the reefs, cobia over the wrecks, sportfish like black marlin, mahi mahi. Spanish mackerel, wahoo and tuna, so if offshore fishing is your game, then the large ramp at Jacobs Well and easy access to the Jumpinpin Bar make this area a logical jumping off point. There are many more Hot Spot just waiting to be discovered or uncovered in the Jacobs Well area, so get out there and start looking.